A Virtual Tour is a simulation of an existing building, business, or land that is typically composed of a series of still images, panoramic images, and/or videos, or any combination of them.  It typically involves the use of multimedia elements, to include text, sound effects, narration, or music.

Still images are just that, photos that are a snapshot of a room.

Panoramic images are a series of still images taken from a single vantage point that are then stitched together to create a panning view of a room to get a fuller view of the room or area.

Video is a full motion video of the area.

At 406Productions we use a combination of these to create our virtual tours.  The majority of our tours are created using still images and panoramics, but we are now offering videos as part of your virtual tour.  For real estate agents, we can create an "agent intro" video for you to place on your tour at the beginning, ending, or embedded in the tour itself.