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Remodeling and Home Design
Remodeling and Home Design

Google Street View Trusted Photographer.  

T4 Certification.


You have 3 options next to the Tour Number & Name

  1. This will allow you to View your tour
  2.  This will allow you to Edit your tour
  3. You can view the Traffic Report here

To Edit your tour

Click on the tour number/name or the Edit button

On the right hand side you will see 4 boxes

View Tour - view the tour

View Graphic Intensive Flyer - Flyer with background

View Ink Friendly Flyer - no background



  • Panoramas, Still Photos - Here you can edit the titles, give each image a description, and move photos around.
    1. To move photos, click on a photo and drag it to the position you want it in.
    2. Make sure to SAVE often!
    3. You can also delete photos and determine which photos will show up on a Flyer.  To make sure a photo is added to a flyer, turn the button for that photo to the green position.
  • Thumbnail Creator - To adjust or create the thumbnails that will show up at the bottom of a tour.
  • Regenerate Flyer - if you make any changes to the photos that appear on a flyer, you MUST click this to recreate the flyer.  After it create the graphic intensive flyer it will ask you if you want to create a print friendly version.  You must say yes in order for it to be done.


  • Still Photos Editor- You can change how the photos zoom in and out, where they start and stop.
  • External Videos (if applicable) - this is where you can add or update a video.  If you do not have this option and you would like it added to your tour, please contact me.
  • Flyer - This is where you can change the layout and background of your flyers.  Remember to go back to the Regenerate Flyer button if you make ANY changes to it.


  • Property Information - Basic information, such as PRICE, MLS #, Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Address...
  • Lead Capture - You can choose which photos will have a pop-up that asks for email address
  • Amenities - choose the amenities that the property has.  If you need additional amenities listed, please contact me and I can add others.
  • Deliverables - links you can send to your client.
  • Flyer - edit your flyer
  • Background Music / Narration - change the music. If you would like to add narration please contact me.
  • Post to Craigslist - if you would like to post your listing to Craigslist
  • Tour Tags and Meta - if you would like to utilize it for search engine optimization
  • Traffic Report Option - Options of when and to whom the traffic report will be sent to.
  • Traffic Report - view the report.